Even as a child, I loved creating in every artistic medium.  Photography is a perfect career choice that allows me to continue my passion for the arts.  I also teach photography and art classes to elementary and middle school children.   

In high school, I took every available art class and received a scholarship in visual arts.  I majored in Photography at the Art Institute of Seattle, where I was on the Dean's List and an Honors Graduate. 

My approach to photography is to focus on one aspect, portraiture.  I specialize in photographing children, family, pregnancy, adults, and pets.  I also offer design assistance and personally work with each client before and after their photo session.   

Photos may be taken at one of many outside locations or, for privacy, at my studio in Bellevue.  Families are encouraged to bring personal items, as they are a wonderful addition to pictures.  I also supply props, such as toys, fabrics, clothing, and furniture.

I schedule only one sitting a day, so there is no time limit, allowing people to be more comfortable and less self-conscious.  This gives ample time for wardrobe changes, snacks, nursing moms, bathroom breaks, and fussy children. 

Thank you for visiting my Web site.  And yes, the picture of the little girl is of me.

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